Gluten Free in Thailand

Gluten Free Options in Phuket, Thailand

Please note that the information contained on this page has been provided as a guideline and suggestion only. Gluten Free Eating Directory does not give any guarantee that food provided is completely gluten free and we accept no responsibility if a customer ingests gluten. At all times it is the customers duty to explain their dietary needs to eating establishments and food manufacturers. While Gluten Free Eating Directory makes every attempt to ensure that all information contained on its directory is accurate, directory information may, at times, be incorrect.

Patong General Food Information
Most Thai food is made fresh to order. The main things to avoid are Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce. A translation card is very handy so that cooking staff can accommodate your needs. Many of the hawker markets prepare fresh food and a simple conversation with English speaking staff can lead to some safe and very tasty dishes! The hawker market situated behind Big C supermarket is great, along with the Banzaan Fresh Market. Best to bring staples like bread, breakfast cereals, crackers, etc., with you on the plane, because you will not be able to buy them in Phuket. A great standby is Mango Sticky Rice, because the ingredients always seem to be gluten free.

Breakpoint Cafe
110/19 Thaweewong Rd (Beach Rd), Soi Patong Tower, Patong
Ph: +66 76 344 211 

Original Thai foods and European Restaurant. Staff can highlight the dishes that are gluten free.

108/16 Thawewong Rd, (Beach Rd), Soi Patong Tower, Patong
Ph: +66 76 345 035

Original Thai foods and European Restaurant. Staff can highlight the dishes that are gluten free.

Sweet Restaurant
100/29 Soi Post Office Thaweewong Rd (Beach Rd), Patong
Ph: +66 80 534 6102

This restaurant is gluten free heaven and well worth the visit... many times over! The owner is Australian and there are heaps of authentic Thai dishes that are gluten free and delicious. Great value for money, this was our fall back restaurant on numerous occasions. Staff are well aware of cross contamination issues and cater for many different allergies. We cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough!