Gluten Free Options in Liguria/Cinque Terre, Italy

Please note that the information contained on this page has been provided as a guideline and suggestion only. Gluten Free Eating Directory does not give any guarantee that food provided is completely gluten free and we accept no responsibility if a customer ingests gluten. At all times it is the customers’ duty to explain their dietary needs to eating establishments and food manufacturers. While Gluten Free Eating Directory makes every attempt to ensure that all information contained on its directory is accurate, directory information may, at times, be incorrect.

Monterosso al Mare
La Baraccia
Via Molinelli 6/8, 19016 Monterosso Al Mare
Ph: +39 0187 829009

A good range of gluten free dishes.

Ristorante Al Pozzo
Via Roma, 26, 19016 Monterosso Al Mare
Ph: +39 0187 817575

Plenty of gluten free options. Speak to staff when ordering.