Gluten Free Options in General Travel Information, Vietnam

Please note that the information contained on this page has been provided as a guideline and suggestion only. Gluten Free Eating Directory does not give any guarantee that food provided is completely gluten free and we accept no responsibility if a customer ingests gluten. At all times it is the customers’ duty to explain their dietary needs to eating establishments and food manufacturers. While Gluten Free Eating Directory makes every attempt to ensure that all information contained on its directory is accurate, directory information may, at times, be incorrect.

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This travel company can tailor make travel throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. You can make up your own itinerary and they will put together a package, which can include private cars, drivers and guides, as well as accommodation, flights, entry fees, meals, cooking classes, etc. Alternatively, they can suggest a suitable itinerary. Either way, there is flexibility of choice, and we found their service affordable, prompt, reliable and caring. They understood the need for gluten free eating, and were very attentive.

We elected to have English speaking tour guides throughout much of our trip, and this made gluten free eating very easy, because they were able to converse with restaurants, cooking classes, accommodation places, as well as making dining suggestions. All of the hotels we stayed in were able to cater for gluten free diets, and the daily buffet breakfasts included plenty of gluten free options.

General Information About Gluten Free in Vietnam
Do not expect to find gluten free bread, so if you would like to have some, you will need to take it with you! In general, Vietnamese cuisine does not include gluten containing sauces. All of the soy sauces that we saw contained gluten, but this is generally only served on the side as a dipping sauce.

Particular things to watch for is the rice flour and rice noodles. Make sure that they do not contain wheat. In Hoi An the local packers of rice flour have commenced including some wheat flour, so you will need to ask. Also, avoid Cau Lai, because we were told these noodles contained wheat. The large fried rice cakes were gluten free, and most of the rice paper was as well. Most commercial snacks, like potato chips, contain wheat, so take some snack bars from home. The local fruit is excellent!