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Christmas is on the Way!

Don't let Christmas sneak up on you this year. Below you'll find plenty of food and snacks for terrific entertaining and gift ideas!

There's the fabulous launch party for hopper HQ in Hampton, Vic., this Saturday (10th). Food-wise check out Christmas puddings and DIY Mince Pie Kits from Itha's Puddings, NEW Whole Grain Thins Sorghum from Real Foods, home delivered cookies from Silly Yaks, delicious rum balls and chocolate biscuits from Leda, and a whole feast of grain free, gluten free Christmas treats from deeks.

Itha's Puddings Introduce NEW Taste Sensations This Christmas! 

NEW to Itha’s Puddings are our delicious Christmas Date & Treacle Puddings (GF). Inspired by sticky date puddings, they are presented in calico cloth, in a traditional pudding shape.
Also back are our GF Mince Pie DIY Kits. These make 12 mince pies, everything is all fully cooked and ready to go – it's as simple as opening a jar and you can say you “made” them yourself! Find the Itha's Puddings feature page here.

Latest Additions to Gluten Free Eating Directory


See who's new on our directory!

Wholesome Home (Online Store) - Hundreds of gluten free products to purchase online. Multi allergy filter to make shopping a breeze!

Allergy Train Becomes hopper HQ - Come to our Launch Party!

922 Nepean Hwy Hampton East. Ph: (03) 8317 8565

After 9 years, AllergyTrain is excited to announce it is changing its name to hopper HQ. Come to our launch party on Saturday 10th November, 10am-4pm for specials, product samples, waffles, ice-cream and more! 

Check out our range of products that are not only gluten free, but also cater for many other dietary needs. Find the hopper HQ feature page here.

Real Foods - NEW Whole Grain Thins Sorghum!

Why eat sorghum? Well, it has an impressive nutrient profile, being packed with fibre, protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals. It’s also gluten free and non-GMO, and when popped to make Real Foods’s NEW product - Whole Grain Thins™ Sorghum, it makes a delicious crispbread with a mild grainy/nutty flavour.

So why not try Whole Grain Thins Sorghum now, on their own, or with your favourite toppings. Available in the biscuit aisle of most Woolworths stores. View the Real Foods feature page here.

Silly Yaks Cookies Home Delivered!


Craving a decadently delicious gluten free Chocolate Chip Cookie? Or maybe chewy Date & Ginger is more your idea of afternoon tea? Or perhaps our famous hypo-allergenic Anzac Biscuit would hit the spot? Available now for home delivery anywhere in Australia from GF Pantry or Allergy Train/hopper HQ . Why not order some now? View the Silly Yaks feature page here.

Leda - Delightful Goodies This Christmas!

Give a gift everyone will love to receive this Christmas with Leda’s irresistible Rum Balls, choc coated creme filled Choculence, or a smooth mint creme delight with Minton. Leda’s biscuit range - great for entertaining or a decadent gift for your foodie friends. 

Leda’s entire range is free from wheat, gluten, dairy and egg. For further information freecall on 1800 353 896 or visit www.ledanutrition.com or find us at facebook.com/ledanutrition. View the Leda feature page here.

deeks - Grain Free, Gluten Free Christmas Treats

Christmas is almost upon us but just because you can’t eat grains or gluten, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Keep Deeks in mind for all the time-honoured Christmas treats like Fruit Mince Tarts. You’ll enjoy the crumble of Deeks pastry and the decadence of the mixed fruit. Not much into sultanas? Now’s the year to try all things Deeks like our delish Date & Walnut Pudding, Shortbread, Gingerbread Men and Choc Truffles. View the deeks Health Foods feature page here.

Helpful Gluten Free Tips For Enjoying Christmas Entertaining and Functions!

Create A Delicious Entertaining Platter!
When putting a platter together to take somewhere, make it all gluten free. No one will be able to tell the difference and you'll have lots of options, rather than just one or two things to snack on. Include plenty of snack foodschips, finger food and crackers

Have Input Into End-Of-Year Functions!
If you have coeliac disease, don't be afraid to let the end-of-year function organiser at your workplace know. This will help them to find a restaurant/catering group that can accommodate your food needs. Better still, why not recommend a restaurant/cafe listed on Gluten Free Eating Directory? A much better outcome than sitting at a table full of beautiful food, and not being able to eat a thing. No one feels good about that.

Plan Ahead
Place gluten free food orders well in advance. Even if you're not into baking, you don't need to miss out! There's plenty of beautiful Christmas food so long as you plan ahead. As well as the goodies in this e-News you can check out the following food categories to find out what's available:
Beer   |   Cake Decorations   |   Made-to-Order Cakes   |   Convenience Foods   |   Meats/Smallgoods   |   Puddings   |   Take-Home Meals

You can also purchase things ONLINE!

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