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Swing into Spring!

Footy season is over and we're well into Spring, with warmer days to enjoy! Below you'll find information about GF Pantry, plus a range of delicious products including Pasta Sauces from NOGO Sauces, Spinach Quiches from Silly Yaks, allergy friendly Biscuits that are ideal for various recipes from Leda, and NEW kids Christmas Puddings from Itha's Puddings & Gourmet Foods. You can also find out who's new on our directory!

GF Pantry - The One Place We All Go

The pantry is a place we all go to. Sometimes we go there for a boredom snack, and other times we go there with a plan. No matter what your reason is, GF Pantry has everything you need when it has to be gluten free. From gluten free biscuits to gluten free lentils and everything in between, shop with someone you can trust.

GF Pantry, Australia’s leading online gluten free store. View the GF Pantry feature page here.

Latest Additions to Gluten Free Eating Directory


See who's new on our directory!
Cranbourne Charcoal Chicken - Cranbourne, Vic. All of the BBQ chickens are gluten free including the stuffing. Also gluten free chips, a selection of salads and baked veggies.

Human Bean Co (Manufacturer). All products are gluten free. Air puffed snacks that are crunchy, tasty and unique.

The Country Chef Bakery Co (Manufacturer). Making gluten free banana bread, plus a range of desserts including mini eclairs, profiteroles, meringue nests and pavlovas.

Award Winning NOGO Sauces - Perfect For Comfort Food Cooking!


Embrace Spring with our award winning pasta sauces. Think quick and easy, delicious and tasty. Basil, Classic or Olive varieties. Made with 99% Australian ingredients.View the NOGO Sauces feature page here.

Delicious Vegetarian Spinach Quiche From Silly Yaks


If you’re not into pies, how about this delicious vegetarian Spinach Quiche? Nothing but Australian eggs, cream and cheddar cheese mixed with high quality spinach and decorated with a slice of tomato. Available from selected retailers across Australia. Visit www.sillyyaks.com.au/find-store to find your local stockist. View the Silly Yaks feature page here.

Itha's Puddings & Gourmet Foods - NEW KId's Puddings!


Sometimes kids aren’t really into a full fruit Christmas Pudding, but why should they miss out altogether? Introducing our NEW gluten free, alcohol free and fruit free Kid’s pudding. A rich, dense chocolate pudding coated in white chocolate and sprinkles. What could be more festive than that?

A large single serve just great for Christmas Day, as a stocking filler, or as a special treat. Know someone who is trying to be less naughty and more nice, just in case Santa is watching? 
View the Itha's Puddings feature page here.

Leda - Allergy Friendly Biscuits For Bakng!

Leda’s gluten-free biscuits are the perfect accompaniment for your gluten and dairy free spring baking. Try them in your favourite slice, tart or cheesecake base. 

Leda's entire range is free from wheat, gluten, dairy and egg. For further information freecall on 1800 353 896 or visit www.ledanutrition.com. View the Leda feature page here.

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