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Don't Settle For A Boring Lunchbox!

With so many quality gluten free products available these days, there's no need to settle for a boring lunchbox! Below you'll find some great selections, to let you place 'interesting' and 'my lunchbox' in the same sentence!

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Get creative in your lunchboxes with Outback Harvest's ancient staple - Teff


Originating in Ethiopia, Teff is an ancient grain that has been a staple for 1000’s of years, used in the pancake style bread ‘Injera’. At Outback Harvest we have been busy growing this nutritious powerhouse of a grain on our family farm in NSW, and developing irresistible GF meals and snacks. Check out our website for this incredibly easy Teff Granola recipe plus many more recipes! You can buy our Teff online and in leading IGA’s. View the Outback Harvest feature page here.

Announcing Allergy Train's NEW Food Store and Dessert Bar!

922 Nepean Hwy, Hampton East, Vic.

For the past 7 years Allergy Train has been an online store only. But now... we are excited to announce we have opened an Allergy Train Food Store and Dessert Bar. 

It’s a place where people with special dietary needs can come and enjoy a special treat in an environment especially designed to be welcoming, fun and inclusive to all. None of our products contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, nor do we use any ingredients containing gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts in our kitchen. View the Allergy Train feature page here.

Snack Time Made Fun with Leda!


Choose Leda’s Baked Fruit Filled Bars for a healthy snacking choice using only natural ingredients and no added sugar. Available in triple Berry Flavour. Lookout for our NEW look packaging!

Find them in the health food aisle of Coles supermarkets, and larger independent (IGA) supermarkets. 

Leda's entire range is free from wheat, gluten, dairy and egg. For further information freecall on 1800 353 896 or visit www.ledanutrition.com or find us at facebook.com/ledanutrition. View the Leda feature page here.

Lunchbox Items

There's a load of manufacturers listed on our directory making great products to give some inspiration to school and work lunchboxes.

Find them here:
Bread   |   Cake Mixes   |   Chips   |   Convenience Foods   |   Crackers   |   Dim Sims   |   Dips   |   Deli Meat/Smallgoods   |   Nuts & Seeds   |   Pancake Mixes   |   Pies   |   Snack Bars   |  Spreads   |   Tortillas   |   Wraps   |   Yoghurt

Helpful Gluten Free Lunchbox Tips!

Here's some ideas to help create wonderful lunchboxes

1. Nourishing! Aim to include whole foods such as seed breads, fruit, veggie sticks with healthy dips, veggie patties, yoghurt, muesli slice, etc. 

2. Variety! Try not to pack the same lunch everyday. Aim to mix things up. A different set of lunchbox items for each day of the school/working week can achieve this. With minimum effort and planning, lunch can be enticing and not just humdrum!

3. Leftovers! Never underestimate the value of these. If you can, cook a little extra at mealtimes. Ideas include leftover roast, curry, meatballs, hard boiled eggs, frittata. lasagne, soup.... the list goes on!

Easter Isn't That Far Away!

Don't let Easter sneak up on you and miss out on some exciting gluten free Easter products. Good Friday is March 31st this year - that's next month! Find delicious gluten free goodies in our Easter food section, and buy or order ahead if necessary to avoid disappointment.
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