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Footy Finals and School Holidays!

It's an exciting time of year! If you're not into Footy Finals, at least you can get out and about in the current burst of Spring warmth, or fire up the barbie for some outdoor entertaining! 

This month you'll find some great BBQ and footy finals snack ideas to enjoy in the coming weeks. If you're going away don't forget to check our gluten free website for some holiday dining suggestions. Remember, if they're on our directory they understand gluten free.
Delicious Meat Pies From Silly Yaks
Perfect for Footy Finals – the Silly Yaks Meat Pie. 100% Australian ground beef in a tomato-based gravy, just the thing for warming hungry bellies!  
And if plain meat pies are not your thing, they're also available in Chicken, Chunky Beef (with bacon, mushroom or red wine) and Lamb. Available from selected retailers across Australia. Visit www.sillyyaks.com.au/find-store to find your local stockist. View the Silly Yaks feature page here


NOGO Sauces - A Footy Finals Favourite!

Let's get saucy! Footy finals and BBQ season is here so let’s put some sauce on it... NOGO Tomato Sauce.

The bonus with this award winning little beauty? Our sauces are low FODMAP, vegan, gluten free AND dairy free

NOGO Sauces specialise in pantry staples for people who insist on eating healthy and delicious sauces and condiments.

Plus we also make; Pasta sauces, Asian sauces, tomato sauces and condiments. View the NOGO Sauces feature page here.


Taste The Delicious Difference With Helga's

The expert bakers at Helga’s are excited to share an oh-so yummy recipe of gluten free loaves and rolls, endorsed by Coeliac Australia. This means you can enjoy mouth-watering sandwiches with big slices and a soft texture. The range includes Traditional White, 5 Seeds, Soy & Linseed, Traditional Wholemeal and Mixed Grain; and rolls in Traditional White and 5 Seeds.

Available nationally at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets. View the Helga's feature page here

Gluten Free BBQ Products!

Here's some great gluten free products and accompaniments that are perfect for a BBQ. Guaranteed to make your cook-up totally delicious!
September's Gluten Free Tip - Toaster Bags!

This month's tip comes from a subscriber who wanted to let you know about Toaster Bags. These handy little plastic pockets allow you to place gluten free bread inside, and then place the bags in the toaster to create a protective shield against gluten contamination, while toasting your bread at the same time. The bags can be reused multiple times, and can be easily purchased online - simply type toaster bags into your favourite search engine. Perfect for travelling!

Please share your gluten free tips to other e-News subscribers by sending them to helpus@glutenfreeeatingdirectory.com.au. We'd love to hear from you and, with your permission, publish them in the coming months. Let's all work together on this and help each other out in the process!

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