The Intolerant Cooks (TV Series)

The Intolerant Cooks (TV Series)




Airing from Sunday August 27th 2017 at 4pm on 7TWO, The Intolerant Cooks is an exciting 12 part television series, specifically featuring recipes for people who have food intolerances, including gluten free options. Suitable for family viewing. Celebrity Chef Karen Martini and Richard Barassi, present a unique and engaging lifestyle, travel and entertainment show, with three delicious recipes demonstrated each week.

The associated website covers information for people following a gluten free diet, plus other material included in the shows.

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  • 12 part Australian series
  • Commences 5pm on 28th August
  • View on 7TWO
  • Gluten free recipes
  • Other food intolerances considered
  • Lifestyle and travel show

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