Mondo Doro

3 Sainsbury Rd, O'Connor, Western Australia


Mondo Doro smallgoods are 100% gluten free (made in a dedicated gluten free manufacturing premises). A West Australian family owned and run business, they produce a range of quality European smallgoods using only Australian pork and beef and the finest of local and imported spices.

Mondo Doro offers a wide variety of products:
- Dry Cured Products - Salami, Cacciatora, Chorizo, Coppa etc
- Cooked Leg Hams - Traditional Ham on the Bone, Boneless, Free Range
- Cooked Beef - Silverside, Pastrami, Roasted Beef
- Bacon - Rindless rashers, Free Range Bacon, Speck
- Sausages - Italian Bbq, Cheese, Blanched
- Cooked Continental - Mortadella, Polony, Roast Pork, Pepperoni
- Poultry - Turkey, Chicken Roll

Trade enquiries are welcome.

Available From

  • The factory direct (Mon-Fri 8am-3.30pm)
  • Selected independent supermarkets (IGA, Spud Shed, Farmer Jacks)
  • Find your nearest stockist here
  • Products outside of WA are distributed by Basile Imports


  • Australian owned and made
  • Family run business
  • 100% gluten free
  • Full smallgoods range
  • Trade enquiries welcome

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