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MojoMuesli is no ordinary gluten free muesli. This wholesome and delicious quality muesli blend contains over 80% nuts and seeds. Nut ingredients include lightly roasted almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachio, and whole macadamias. MojoMuesli has a high crunch factor and is outrageously sumptuous especially when eaten with your favorite yoghurt and berries. Breakfast of Kings.

Nuts and seeds have an extraordinary array of vitamins and nutrients. MojoMuesli is high in fibre and protein, and is low GI and low in saturated fats. There are no added preservatives or sugar, and the dried fruit is largely organic. A small amount in the morning can stop the food cravings and sustain you right into the lunch period.

MojoMuesli contains some interesting fruit (dried cranberries, wild figs, Victorian apple and apricots) and a selection of puffs (buckwheat, millet and corn). Unlike many cereals, there is no rice, peanuts and sultanas in the muesli mix.

NEW to MojoMuesli is the Fructose Friendly/Fruitless gluten free variety, containing over 90% nuts and seeds. Recommended by naturopaths for detox programs

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  • Phone or email your order direct (see contact details on this page). MojoMuesli can post an order to anywhere in Australia using Australia Post. Cost effective when ordering 3kg lots.
  • To locate your nearest stockist click here.


  • Australian owned and made
  • Quality ingredients
  • Abundant in nuts and seeds
  • Delicious high crunch factor
  • Nutritional product
  • NEW Fructose Friendly variety

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