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Deeks Health Foods is a totally gluten free and grain free bakery. An expansive range of their products can be purchased online and delivered to many parts of Australia.

Headed by marathon legend, Rob de Castella, DEEKS Health Foods has been the front runner in grain and gluten free industry for the past eight years. They're a specialty bakery charged with a mission of producing healthy alternatives for one and all.

The king ingredient is the super food, quinoa (pronounced 'keen-wah'). Quinoa is highly nutritious and boasts the highest natural and complete proteins in any plant food. Quinoa, in combination with other nutritious ingredients, make DEEKS Health Foods a delicious healthy alternative for a broad range of people. These include those who enjoy good eating (first and foremost!), those wanting to improve their quality of life, those wanting to improve their performance, be it mentally, physically or otherwise, and those with special dietary requirements.

Purchase our products online or from our numerous stockistsfind-a-store in different parts of the country.

For a delicious investment in your health enjoy DEEKS!

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  • Australian owned and made
  • Order online
  • Dedicated GF production
  • Extensive GF range
  • Trade enquiries welcome

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