About Us


To be the most comprehensive and helpful gluten free directory in Australia.


At the Gluten Free Eating Directory, our values are:

  • Contributing support to people on gluten free diets
  • Providing dependable and personalised service
  • Creating partnerships based on trust and integrity



Having commenced in 2008, we are passionate about providing a ‘one-stop’ gluten free search resource that’s helpful for those of us on a gluten free diet.

The directory was created to minimise the guesswork, embarrassment and underlying uncertainty of approaching eateries about gluten free needs. While many restaurants and cafes offer a couple of gluten free alternatives, we provide information about eateries that offer extensive choices and understand the gluten free diet well. These are places where you can comfortably eat, being confident that the people who are cooking and serving know what they are doing. If they're on our directory, they understand gluten free!

In response to demand, we have included other search categories to make our directory more encompassing, allowing you to search for shops, online shops, products, manufacturers, services and publications!

An increasing number of people use our directory, and that gives us great satisfaction! We also receive regular feedback through positive emails, plus suggestions for eateries to be included on the directory. Please keep these coming, because you can provide valuable information to the gluten free community. Contact us to send us information.