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Lotus (Kadac Pty Ltd)

134 Argus Street, Cheltenham, Victoria 3192 - Print
p: 1300 762 025
f: 1300 762 028


Lotus is an exclusive brand for the health food channel. We deliver products that are GMO free, and packaged in Melbourne in allergen free production facilities. We source the world for premium ingredients, always seeking to expand and innovate our range. Today the Lotus range has over 250 products with many more in development.

Truth in labelling and ethical and sustainable sourcing have always been part of the Lotus philosophy. Therefore, we were naturally motivated to ensure that the new look Lotus told this story to customers. To assist, we are pleased to introduce the “Lotus Key to Good Health” on packaging and point of sale. The top four to six claims for each ingredient have been included on each product to help customers navigate their way around the extensive range. Furthermore, to ensure the organic range stood out for the consumers we added a natural coloured label to all organic products, setting them apart from their conventional partners.

Lotus is “simply what it says it is”.
Lotus (Kadac Pty Ltd) image

Available From

  • Selected quality health and organic food stores


  • Australian Owned
  • Certified organic choices
  • Gluten free choices
  • Non GMO
  • Fructose free choices
  • Dairy free choices
  • Vegan choices
  • Nut free choices
  • Lactose free choices
Lotus (Kadac Pty Ltd) image Lotus (Kadac Pty Ltd) image Lotus (Kadac Pty Ltd) image

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